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Creating leaders in the SEA Community

SEA CLEAR’s Internship provides an opportunity to cultivate empowered student activists through fostering leadership skills and professional development. The program is a space for students to dive deeper into the historical and cultural roots of the Southeast Asian (SEA) community, contemporary issues affecting the SEA community today, and connections with other communities of color.

interactive presentations, group discussions, and thought-provoking activities, interns have the opportunity to learn more about challenging and nuanced topics pertaining to the SEA community and how these narratives shape attitudes surrounding current socio political injustices. For the Winter and Spring quarters, SEA CLEAR Internship offers interns 2 letter graded units under the Asian American studies department.

Become an Intern!

Develop yourself professionally, build meaningful relationships within a diverse community, explore your historical and cultural roots, and grow as a compassionate, confident student leader within the Southeast Asian community with SEA CLEAR’s internship program. Interns are expected to commit 3-5 hours per week to attend internship meetings and fulfill the program’s requirements and responsibilities. To get involved with SEA CLEAR’s internship space, be on the lookout for internship applications every quarter on our Instagram and Facebook.

Or a Staff Assistant!

All interns are also encouraged to become Staff Assistants who assist SEA CLEAR’s coordinators in their respective components (Peer Counseling, Mentorship, Wellness, and Transfer) to plan and facilitate SEA CLEAR events and staff developments. During an additional 2 hour weekly workgroup meeting, Staff Assistants will gain insight into inner workings of SEA CLEAR and have an opportunity to develop a network outside of internship space. To become a Staff Assistant, interns can indicate their interest in their internship application.