Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a SEA CLEAR peer counselor?

A: There are two ways to get a peer counselor! 1) Fill out our interest form with your name and contact information.Your assigned peer counselor will reach out to you within a week via text message to set up a counseling session. 2) Email your name, contact information, and schedule to our Peer Counseling Coordinator at Our coordinator will assign a peer counselor to reach out to you via text message.

Q: Who is eligible for SEA CLEAR peer counseling services?

A: Current, returning, or planning to return UCLA undergraduates are highly encouraged to utilize our peer counseling services. Even though many of our programs may cater to the Southeast Asian narrative, students may participate in our services whether they identify as Southeast Asian or not.

Q: Can I participate in multiple SEA CLEAR components (e.g., Be a part of Mentorship as a mentor but also an intern)

A: Yes!! All 5 components provide resources, leadership opportunities, and events for you, and we highly encourage you to participate as much as you can! You can apply to be part of multiple components or attend any events that different components host.

Q: Who is allowed to attend SEA CLEAR events and where can I find event information?

A: Any current UCLA undergraduate student is allowed to attend a SEA CLEAR event, whether or not they identify as Southeast Asian. Alumni, Administration, students from other colleges, or special guests must be invited to the event by a current SEA CLEAR staff member in order to attend. Events are posted on the calendar as well as on our Instagram and Facebook pages with all the information regarding time, location, and details.

Q: How many times am I allowed to participate in SEA CLEAR internship?

A: SEA CLEAR internship applications come out every quarter and students are allowed to apply/reapply as many times within one academic year as available. The 2-unit letter grade credit is only offered for Winter or Spring internship class.

Q: Are SEA CLEAR services available during the summer?

A: SEA CLEAR peer counseling services run year-round and students may sign-up for a peer counselor during the summer if they wish. This peer counselor may be different from the counselor during the academic year due to staff availability.

Q: Why do I need to sign the “Empowerment Pact” and “Student File Consent” forms to receive peer counseling services?

A: The Empowerment Pact provides your counselor with basic student and contact information so that your peer counselor can add you to their contact list. The form also includes a confidentiality agreement signed by both the peer counselor and the student, promising that anything discussed during your session remains within the session unless it needs to be reported to a third party due to concerns about harm to yourself or others. The DARs release at the bottom of the form gives permission for your peer counselor to look at your Degree Audit Report if needed. The file consent form provides SEA CLEAR permission to store your information (contact, counselor notes, 2-4 year plan, etc.) for one academic year in our locked database. Only your peer counselor, the peer counseling coordinator, and the project coordinator will have access to your files and information.

Q: How long do I receive peer counseling for and is it possible to terminate my participation in peer counseling services?

A: You may receive peer counseling services for as long as you see necessary throughout your time as a UCLA undergraduate. Each year, you may receive a new peer counselor if your previously assigned counselor is unavailable. If you no longer want to receive peer counseling services, please kindly notify your peer counselor through a text or email our Peer Counseling Coordinator at so that we can remove your student information.

Q: Am I allowed to switch peer counselors if my counselor and I do not get along?

A: If you and your counselor have difficulties connecting or scheduling, you are welcomed to email our Peer Counseling Coordinator at with your concerns and will get reassigned to a different counselor that will hopefully be of better fit. Your reassignment reasoning/concern will be kept confidential between you and our Peer Counseling Coordinator. Your previous peer counselor will not know who you got reassigned to, and your new peer counselor will not know who you were reassigned from unless you choose to reveal that information.