Student-Initiated, Student-Run

Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR) Project at UCLA is a student-initiated, student-run retention program. We aim for 100% retention of Southeast Asian (SEA) students, focusing on providing current and returning students free services to assist their academic journey. We recognize the multifaceted and complex community conditions within Southeast Asian communities and strive to support our students through their time at UCLA and beyond. Through our 5 components, Internship, Peer Counseling, Mentorship, Wellness, and Transfer, SEA CLEAR is able to provide resources and opportunities to help students navigate higher education, contextualize their SEA identity, and promote their academic empowerment and holistic development.

SEA CLEAR Event Policy

As a student-initiated, student-run space, SEA CLEAR has the responsibility to prioritize the safety of UCLA undergraduate students, especially current project recipients. Our events and services are reserved for undergraduate UCLA students unless permitted otherwise by SEA CLEAR staff. We have the right to remove or deny entry from anyone who may pose a threat or disruption towards any student, faculty, or campus partner, which includes our project staff, project recipients.

Updated October 20, 2021

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